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Monday thru Friday: 11am - 7pm

Closed Saturdays & Sundays

Mom's Holubki:
A recipe handed down from my mom. Fresh cabbage leaves wrapped around a wonderful beef and rice mixture lightly seasoned and cooked in our old world style red sauce mixture of sauerkraut and tomato sauce.
$4.50each or 2 Holubpki Combo (includes choice of one side) $10.49

City Chicken:
An old Binghamton favorite of seasoned Pork and Chicken skewered on a stick,breaded and baked to a golden crispy brown.
$4.25 each or 2 City Chicken Combo (includes choice of one side) $9.49

Hand folded and crimped pasta pockets filled with your choice of  Potato and Cheese or cooked Cabbage(depending on availability).
Boiled and then smothered in butter and sauteed onions.

1/2 Dozen $6.99 - Full Dozen $10.49
Pirohi Combo(includes choice of one side) $6.99

The Sampler Combo:
Our Sampler Platter features 1 Holubki, 1 City Chicken and 2 Pirohi (includes choice of 1 side) $12.99

                  All Combo Meals include your choice of (1) one side dish

Sides: All side $3.25(Available all day or until we sell out)

Egg noodles mixed with sauteed onions, garlic & thin sliced cabbage

Spicy Mac N' Cheese:
A customer favorite this Mac and Cheese is baked with a 3 cheese sauce including a zesty Queso for a one of a kind taste.                                      

Macaroni Salad:
Macaroni pasta with fresh eggs and veggies and a little kick of flavor 

Potato Salad:
Hearty Potato & Egg Salad with fresh veggies and a little kick of flavor   
Cold Subs and Sandwiches:
(All Sandwiches and Subs are made fresh to order)

Italian - $6.99 Sandwich - $8.99 Sub
Ham  -  $ 6.99 Sandwich - $8.49 Sub
American - $ 6.49 Sandwich - $8.49 Sub
Turkey - $ 6.49 Sandwich - $8.99 Sub
Vegetable/Cheese - $5.49 Sandwich - $6.99 Sub
Hot Subs and Sandwiches:
(All Sandwiches are made fresh to order)

The Zeppelin:
Sliced fresh Kielbasa sauteed in Sauerkraut and piled on a large fresh sub roll which is covered in spicy brown  mustard - $9.49

Grilled Rueben:

Fresh sliced Corned Beef grilled with Sauerkraut and covered with fresh Swiss Cheese and Thousand Island dressing - $9.49

Grilled Cheese:
An American Classic....Your choice of cheeses - $5.49 Add Ham $6.49
                                                  Soups and Stews 

                                              Call for our Daily Soup!

Soups and Stews are made seasonally depending on the weather.‚Äč