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Serving the areas finest "First Ward Style" Cuisine

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223 Robinson Street

Binghamton, NY

Sweets, sweets and MORE sweets......


Please Note: We try to keep an inventory of some our more popular cookies like Kolachki and Magic Bars readily available for purchase when you walk in but can't guarantee anything. We may start the day with 250 Kolachki and be sold out by late lunchtime. Large orders, Peek Holiday and Off Holidays times can all complicate the process of keeping an inventory so if there's something you need for a party or function PLEASE CALL AHEAD TO CHECK AVAILABILITY OR PLACE AN ORDER. We also like to continually change up our desserts menus to keep new fresh flavors and a rotation of different types of cookies available on a walk in basis.

Kolachki - A semi sweet and flaky pastry dough wrapped around a tasty walnut filling.
Also available By Order Only Apricot, Poppy Seed and Lekvar(seasonal availability)

Zahzvorniki - A light ginger flavored cookie with a crazy "dogbone" shape. A little blast from the past of my days growing up in the First Ward,  
Kathy's Lekvar Cake - A recipe from my Big Sister - Light flaky walnut dough that's pan pressed by hand and then slathered in fresh Lekvar. Topped with a  criss-crossed dough for a scrumptious dessert.

Buchta - A hearty yeast risen sweetbread with a golden crust spiraled with a scrumptious
walnut filling. These can also be ordered with your choice of  Poppyseed or Lekvar(seasonal availability - during off holiday seasons please call to check availablity).

Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Balls - Creamy bites of peanut butter
all shelled in a bittersweet chocolate

Lemon Kiss - A light and fruity cookie. Made with fresh lemons this zesty dough is
 topped with a dollop of sweet Poppyseed or Lekvar (seasonal availability)

Birds Nests - Also know as a "Scandinavian" this cookie is a light brown sugar dough
that is rolled in ground walnuts and topped with various jellies

Frosted Sugar Cut-out Cookies - A fluffy vanilla sugar cookie with a sweet
Vanilla or Almond Frosting. These can be customized and colored  to meet any of your party needs

Magic Bars - These yummy square cookies are made up of tasty sweet coconut with
melted chocolate, nougat and ground walnuts drizzled over the top of a graham cracker crust

Date Crumbles - These are delicious. A recipe originating from Michelle's Grandmother in Northern Maine, Chewy Oatmeal Bar with sweetened Date Filling.

Taylor's Chocolate Guinness Cupcake - This is a new recipe given to me from a friend in North Carolina. So good it had to make it on this list!!! Rich dense chocolate cocoa cake made from scratch, infused with Guinness Beer and smothered in sweet cream cheese frosting. Don't worry guys....No ID needed for this one.

Party Platters - These are fantastic for any party or special event. Guaranteed to make you lots of friends when you walk in with the party with one of these. Call ahead to discuss and order any type of cookie combo you want!


Order by Wednesday April 10 th( +/- a day)

Kolochki – Walnut, Apricot or Lekvar (Fillings subject to availability) - $ 6.99 per dozen

Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Balls - $ 8.99 per dozen

Zhazvorniki  – $7.99 per dozen

Frosted Sugar Cookies – $8.99 per dozen

Lemon Kiss – $ 7.99 per dozen

Buchta(Holiday Roll) – Walnut, Poppy Seed or Lekvar filling.

(Fillings subject to availability)

$ 15.99 per loaf  (loaf size approximately 13” x 4.5”)

Magic Bars – $8.99 per dozen

Chocolate Raspberry Truffles – $8.99 per dozen

Birds Nests – $8.99 per dozen

Lekvar Cake – $8.49 per dozen 

Maui Waui Bar – 8.99 per dozen

Anise cookies - 7.99 per doz

Party Platters – A mix of our available house flavors.
55.00 reg. approx. 6doz

65.00 lg – approx.  8doz

75.00 jumbo - approx. 10 doz

You can also customize platters. Call for pricing.